Network and server checklists are customized to fit your needs based on the importance of the covered systems.  Our check lists provide proactive management of your infrastructure through human oversight on a schedule that is based on your business requirements.  The results are recorded in our ticketing system in addition to being emailed to you for review.  If any checklist uncovers a problem or potential problem a ticket is opened and escalated based on the urgency to solve it and keep you informed at every step.

Some of the data points that are collected include:

  • Backup status and log review
  • CPU Utilization - Snapshot
  • Disk Utilization - Used/Free/Total
  • Disk Access RW- Snapshot
  • Disk SMART Status
  • Network Access RW - Snapshot
  • Critical Update Check
  • Event Log Review
  • Complete File/Directory Snapshot
  • Data Restore and Verification
  • Peripheral availability (Arrays/Volumes/SAN)
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