Ever had a computer problem and run into more trouble calling for assistance? Perhaps the IT consultant on the other end of the phone was less than cheerful. Or perhaps he or she didn't know how to fix the issue at hand or how to explain the solution to it in a clear and concise manner. Maybe it was difficult to even get the consultant on the line, hold times during the wait for this epic, voice promptings for the automated system endless. Whatever the case, to call the service described above “help” is a stretch of that word. At Nettouch Consulting, we take a different tact. Our remote help desk is exactly what it sounds like.

From the moment we come on the line to assist a client to the end of our conversation, we'll provide helpful, courteous solutions to anyone's IT problems. We offer a measured, patient, and professional approach. We understand that providing remote help is a business relationship, not a chance for some beleaguered IT person to vent frustrations and insecurities on some unsuspecting caller. That's a waste of time and money, and it insults both parties. It's also generally less than effective than the level of service that Nettouch Consulting offers its clients for any IT-related issue.

Our process is as simple and easy to understand as the solutions we provide. We start by asking for a description of the issue, asking pointed questions and listening acutely to ensure we understand what's going on. From there, we have a variety of methods for resolving the issue. We can provide verbal or written instructions. We can perform tests on our end via remote log-in. If that doesn't work, we can offer on-site assistance as well. We'll do whatever it takes to get an IT problem resolved.

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